God's time

Robert Lebel wrote a song for Advent that says: We know you're not late for your promised rendez-vous. But make haste to change our vision, that we might recognize your tenderness. What if God's time was a time for each of us to be transformed?  A time every one of us needs, that the echo of God's promise might take its full place in our hearts, in our lives.

The time of Advent in the liturgical year is the perfect time to open our ears and our hearts to the voice that calls in the deserts of the world. God is present where we live our lives, in a world where there is still injustice, war and violence. The time of God is already here, where we are! Our actions and our words must bear witness to that.

John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness to announce the coming of the One who would baptize in the Spirit. The time promised by God had arrived. The promise was fulfilled. God's time came alongside that of men for all time. We are the heirs of this time inaugurated by Jesus. We cannot measure the time of God in days, years, or ages. It's something beyond us. But what we can be sure of is that we are part of that time and are contributing to it as disciples of Jesus Christ.

God's time is the promise of a world of love, justice and peace. It is in our hands that this promise has been deposited. Our hands and our hearts. We must be that voice that announces the Gospel, those feet that go out to others, to be Good News to the world.

That's God's time today. Let us be transformed by it and taste it in our everyday activities. God's time is not just something we are waiting for. It is a time in which we participate through our daily actions, our encounters along the way and our time of presence with God.

Let us enter fully into God's time,

                                 Suzie Arsenault

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